What are the Application & Characteristics of Hastelloy C22/UNS N06022 Tubes?

What are the Application & Characteristics of Hastelloy C22/UNS N06022 Tubes?
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Hastelloy C22 which is also known or often renowned as alloy C22. It is known one of the most versatile nickel-tungsten-molybdenum alloys that have enhanced resistance toward, stress corrosion, crevice corrosion and pitting corrosion resistance. The highest level of content must provide excellent resistance toward the oxidizing media. The tungsten and molybdenum content offers good resistance toward reducing media. This nickel steel based alloy possesses excellent resistance toward the aqueous media that might include a mixture of oxidizing acid or nitric acid with chlorine ions.

What is Hastelloy C22?

The Hastelloy is the most versatile nickel-chromium alloy that has enhanced resistance toward pitting. It has excellent resistance toward nitric or oxidizing acids. The most prestigious organization contain relatively engaged Hastelloy C22 tubes. They are delivered in both national and international quality of cost-effective standards.

They are renowned for crevice corrosion, stress corrosion and pitting resistance. They are used in pulp and paper, chemical processing, marine seawater, pollution control, and waste treatment. The most renowned supplier, exporter, and stockiest offer high quality of Hastelloy alloy C22 in custom made thickness and size in accordance with esteemed clients. They are offered in various equivalent grades.

The standard could be as per the application type, and it can have various form, size, length, and end. 

The other Hastelloy possess a resistance in acid chloride, acetic acids, formic acids, cupric chloride, ferric chloride, contaminated chemical solutions. It can work well in both inorganic and organic solutions.  The nickel alloy might offer optimum resistance in the environment that require oxidizing and reducing conditions. They are very much beneficial in all-purpose plants. Given below are some of the characteristics of the Hastelloy C22UNS N06022-

  • It shows resistance toward crevice corrosion, pitting corrosion and stress corrosion cracking
  • It shows outstanding resistance toward oxidizing media and reducing media
  • It has excellent resistance in aqueous media
  • It has exceptional resistance with a wide variety of the process environment such as strong oxidizer like acetic anhydride, brine solution, ferric acids and seawater
  • It also shows resistance toward the grain-boundary precipitates
  • It offers excellent weldability

In what sort of applications Hastelloy C22 can be used?

Given below is a list of applications type-

  • Chlorination systems
  • Cellophane manufacturing
  • Pesticide production
  • Wastewater processing
  • Incineration scrubber systems

Pharmaceutical industries use for tube and fittings so as to avoid contamination that gets caused by corrosion failure

Chemical process industries like chlorination systems, gas scrubbers, sulfur dioxide scrubbers, nuclear fuel, picking systems, paper bleach plants, etc

Hastelloy C-22 fabrication

It is ductile and can be formed easily by intermediate annealing, cold working, and can be work hardening.  Forging could be done in the temperature range between 1750-2050 degree F that gets followed by cooling, the annealing could be done in the range 2020-2150 degree F that gets followed by quenching. The cooling could be followed by the acceleration that may avoid formation. The welding of the tubes can be done through the shielded metal arc, gas tungsten arc, and metal arc processes.

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